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http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/Kaizen15.htm Interview conducted by: Lynn Fosse, Senior Editor, CEOCFO Magazine, Published – August 24, 2015 with: Helen Streck President/CEO Kaizen InfoSource, LLC. www.2kaizen.com CEOCFO: Ms. Streck, what is the concept at Kaizen InfoSource? Ms. Streck: Kaizen InfoSource is a records and information management consulting company. The name is derived from the Japanese concept of making changes… More

Developing a RIM Policy: Lessons You Were Never Taught

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Records Management and Retention Program

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Increasing Information Transparancy

Government entities, whether local, state or federal, are under increasing scrutiny to provide proof of transparency in all their communications and dealings, while balancing the needs to protect private and confidential information of both employees and the public and effectively conduct the public’s business.

It’s in the Cloud. “What, me worry?”



The “Cloud” and “Virtualization” have been driving forces behind the paradigm shift well underway for creating, storing, and managing electronic information. Does your company’s information go across national borders? If you have a role in managing information at any level in your company, should you care? “Cloud” and “Virtualization” services have become mainstream methods for… More

Mobile Madness



For business, the use of mobile devices to do work is all but mandatory. Whether the work is sales, manufacturing, marketing, finance or legal, work is being done via mobile devices. People are reviewing and approving documents, corresponding regarding business, making appointments, making decisions and affecting every aspect of business today. Competition is driving companies… More

Retention Guidelines

Kaizen has a combined 75 years of experience developing and researching records retention schedules and retention categories for a variety of industries and organizations in both the private and public sectors. The consulting team now offers a “layered approach” to helping companies determine how long they should retain their information. Companies have the option to… More

I’ve heard that before – “I don’t have to care about retention anymore”



Have you heard the statement “I don’t have to care about retention anymore; I am going to store my data in the cloud”? I have. Statements like this one make me think of the blue sky filling up with so much data that it blocks out the sun, clouds turn dark; the weight of the… More

Are You Using Your Records Retention Schedule?



This blog is the first part of a series that asks the questions, raises some issues and maybe answers a few questions about the use of a Records Retention Schedule. When your senior management said “we must have a Records Retention Schedule (RRS)” did you feel a sigh of relief? Did you jump for joy… More

Backups and Archives, Oh My!



Most organizations today have confused the meanings of backups and archives. Backups initially began as a recovery mechanism for lost or inadvertently deleted documents. Information Technology professionals have, over the course of time, interchanged the words “Backup” and “Archive”. However, in recent years, the perceived need to save email “records” has gotten muddled by the… More