Kaizen Infosource LLC

Records Management and Retention Program

The Challenge

A major insurance carrier was challenged with increasing accountability and compliance within their organization while maintaining flexibility and employee access to information.

The Solution

Kaizen consultants interviewed executive management and key personnel from every department in multiple regional offices to determine gaps in current recordkeeping practices. The interviews also served as the information-gathering process for the development of a records retention schedule to apply to physical and electronic information.

After conducting extensive interviews and requisite legal research, our consultants produced a gap analysis and risk remediation document for senior management, as well as a comprehensive information management policy and consolidated records retention schedule. Procedures for the implementation of a Retention Compliance Day and Retention Schedule Update were also delivered, along with training materials to assist the client project team in teaching employees how to read and apply the policy and schedule.

The Result

The client was able to reduce its information risk exposure by changing business processes to better secure its electronic and paper content. They were also able to reduce the amount of redundant physical and electronic content and flag the locations of its business-critical vital records. The client had verifiable procedures for the systematic disposition of obsolete information with litigation hold procedures to ensure the reduction of its legal risk.

About Kaizen InfoSource

Kaizen InfoSource is the premier records and information management and information technology consultancy in northern California, with headquarters in Palo Alto, and offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Kaizen’s team of consultants has over 100 years of experience in providing strategic, practical approaches to designing business process solutions, utilizing technology and developing information governance which provides a measurable return-on-investment for tis clients. Kaizen has extensive experience with working with both the private sector and government organizations.

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