Kaizen Infosource LLC

Charting a new path.

IT manages information for governance, security and business continuity

We can help you update, refine or chart a new path for use of technology to manage your information.

Your “objective” business needs should drive the solution. You should not be faced with changing your business processes to accommodate a vendor.

Technology for information management is a mature industry, but the software design, features, and hardware requirements of each vendor will vary. Which is the correct vendor for your organization? How do you choose?

Kaizen’s experts will help determine your business priorities, will help identify your business, functional and technical requirements, help you transform your retention schedule into a file plan to implement governance of electronic information, and will help you select the vendor that satisfies your needs.

Questions to Answer

  • Are your current technologies underutilized, or in need of expansion or upgrade?
  • What new processes and systems could you consider to add compliance, efficiency, and cost savings to enterprise operations?
  • Does your organization have an archive for electronic records compliance?
  • Are you archiving business emails for compliance as well as IT storage needs?
  • Is information easily accessible, if needed, or restricted in application specific silos?

Kaizen experts have faced these issues head on, with success. With our RIM Governance experience, Kaizen consultants positively address your information technology challenges, from strategic planning and assessment through training and post implementation support.

Data Conversions and Integration

Kaizen will assist with your transition from existing to new systems. Understanding and guiding the conversion and mapping of data elements from one system to another is critical to ensure all data is accounted for and successfully converted to successor systems. Proven structured planning and procedures will be used by Kaizen experts to reduce the risk of data loss and improve the implementation process for subsequent systems.

RFP, RFI, ROI, and Implementation

Kaizen experts will collaborate with you to tailor IT services to support your focused needs. We can help develop business case justification, risk assessment, gap analysis, ROI calculation, RFP and RFI documents, vendor selection, system selection, contract negotiation, project management and implementation, communication plans, and provide training and HelpDesk support for your current and future products and services.

Cloud Services

What cloud-based services are appropriate for use by your enterprise? Do your communication and security infrastructures support cloud services? What are the benefits? What are the considerable risks? How do you maintain data integrity, apply retention policy, and establish service level agreements? How do you ensure your cloud provider meets the regulatory requirements of your industry and enterprise? What disaster recovery policies, procedures, and capabilities will your cloud vendor guarantee? Kaizen experts will help guide you through the potential minefield of cloud services by working with you to develop comprehensive cloud services assessment and implementation plans which cover these and other cloud business risks. These will ensure cloud services provide the cost savings and flexible service it advertises. Proceed with caution. Kaizen will help you avoid the risks and reap the rewards.