Kaizen Infosource LLC

We train your staff to be self-sufficient and the program to be sustainable.

Change Management

Change Management is about people. It is taking the strategy, building the governance, applying the tools, and then enabling employees to adapt these to make their working environments more efficient and compliant. Effective change management involves communication with affected employees, business process redesign where needed, and the targeted use of appropriate technologies..

Communication for Change

Kaizen’s approach to change begins with creating the right message that enables employees to share in the common vision, to “see” success. We design comprehensive communications plans and training materials that enable the adoption and understanding of change.

Business Process Change

Kaizen experts can identify information flows within each business unit and develop changes that improve the flow of information. Our team the documents the new processes and procedures for appropriate governance.

Information Technology Change

Kaizen will assist with the change that accompanies a transition from existing systems to new systems. Proven structured planning and procedures will be used by Kaizen experts to reduce the risk of data loss and improve the implementation process for subsequent systems.