Kaizen Infosource LLC

We design the strategy that allows for sustained improvement.

Put success in your strategy

Information is an essential asset. Your organization is its information.
To successfully compete in today’s global marketplace, strategic management of information is essential.

Strategic Change
An organization should continually look for ways to improve efficiency and reduce cost. Successful organizations look at improvement at a strategic level.

Kaizen can help create and implement your strategy.

Kaizen consultants are career practitioners in records information management, information technology, strategic planning, governance, change management, and implementation, with over one hundred years of collective experience.

Is your organization at risk?

  • Do you have an approved organizational strategy to manage records?
  • Do you have policies and procedures to designate business records?
  • Do you have a file plan to apply retention to business records?
  • Can you efficiently apply retention to business records in both hard copy and electronic form?
  • Can you designate email as a business record and efficiently archive them for retention and compliance.
  • Do you have “silos” of information that require duplicate data entry and manual processes to share?