Kaizen Infosource LLC

We implement strategies to better manage your information.

Getting it right

Governance: rules that control how an organization’s information is maintained, protected and processed in order to maximize its usefulness while minimizing risks to the enterprise. Governance supports regulatory, legal, risk, and operational requirements.

  • Governance includes records and information management as well as incorporating eDiscovery, and data security for “a single instance of truth”.
  • Governance must be applied uniformly across an organization, and to all media formats.

Kaizen can help you attain compliance and reduce economic risk associated with information growth by:

  • Designing processes and identifying systems to help stem the uncontrolled proliferation of duplicate information.
  • Creating mechanisms to help control information lingering unknown in email accounts and silos of shared drives.
  • Assisting you with identifying emails that should be declared business record, and archive them for compliance.

Successful organizations implement systems and controls to govern information. They share a single instance of information and eliminate multiple copies of the same information.

Program Risk Assessment

Kaizen’s consultants have real-world experience developing and growing world-class programs. We know what works and what doesn’t. We review your existing policies, systems, processes and training, and advise you on gaps between the current state and best practice. Our recommendations take your existing infrastructure investments into account to maximize your Return-on-Investment.

Policy and Process Development

We develop comprehensive enterprise policies for the efficient creation, receipt, management, retrieval, and disposition of all information assets, both paper and electronic. Our processes are focused to your specific business needs.

Records Retention Schedule

All of our services and solutions are designed to work together to provide you with the most comprehensive and complete overview of your records so you can efficiently manage, distribute and dispose of items during appropriate times in their lifecycle.

Regulatory Research

Our certified consultants and industry experts have real-world experience in developing information retention schedules for most industries. We understand the state, federal and international recordkeeping requirements that govern your business.

Audit Compliance

For many businesses and organizations, records storage and information management is a necessary evil – one that if not done properly increases risk and drains productivity, profitability, and operational efficiency.

Records Refinement

We follow the Keep It Simple method – if you can’t use it or find it, it has no value. We assist you in evaluating your current situation and developing the best, most practical solutions for your business. Less can be more.

Governing and Protecting Cloud Information

The Cloud is has arrived.  Companies are using Cloud solutions and are considering how to best exploit new Cloud features and capabilities.Cloud governance must be considered to ensure the proper
protection and management of company information.  We know where the weak points are, and we know where your data can be insecure and unprotected.  We can help you:

  • Maintain compliance in the Cloud
Avoid many Cloud pitfalls
Avoid future Cloud outages and security breaches

Let Kaizen help you protect your company’s Cloud information and avoid suffering from these preventable or inevitable events.