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RIM Consolidation and Integration

The Challenge

Upon purchase and implementation of an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution, how to migrate documents from multiple shared drives into the new system as well as scan paper records from several different departments into the solution.  There is no metadata associated with the documents on the shared drives, and the paper records are tracked using an Excel spreadsheet. The organization does not know where or how to begin. Finally, the new system needs to integrate with the organization’s email system.

The Solution

A project plan with a list of tasks on a critical path was developed. Migrating documents or scanning years of backlog paper documents, like the system implementation needs a plan. The first task was to determine the new day forward.  All new documents coming into the organization that belonged in the system were to be input by following the new processes and procedures. This prevents the lack of organization from continuing.

Then meetings were held with the organization to identify obsolete documents and to develop a priority order. Obsolete records, those records passed their retention period or within one year of passing retention are not moved.  This narrows the scope of records to be put in the new system. Based on the priority order, the organization must determine if there are enough internal resources to migrate or scan and index documents. Resources must be obtained to move forward.

Execute the plan.

The Result

The ECM system implementation was completed, the migration and scanning plan was put into action with an understanding of a realistic timeline.  New records were added to the system on a “day forward” basis. Other shared drives were converted to work areas only.

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