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Retention Guidelines

Kaizen has a combined 75 years of experience developing and researching records retention schedules and retention categories for a variety of industries and organizations in both the private and public sectors.

The consulting team now offers a “layered approach” to helping companies determine how long they should retain their information. Companies have the option to use the new “Retention Guidelines” and at a later date, add Kaizen services for a complete program.

  • Retention Guidelines for Pharmaceuticals/Biotech
  • Retention Guidelines for Municipal Government
  • Retention Guidelines for Law Firms

Additional guidelines are in development.

Kaizen developed these guidelines in tandem with partner DataSafe, headquartered in South San Francisco, CA, whose client base provided an ongoing intrinsic need for retention guidance and recommendations. These guidelines are based on benchmarking the best practices of at least three companies within the same industry.

Kaizen Product Guidelines are the perfect cost-saving solution to help jump-start your information compliance
and governance program. Scott Murchison, a Certified Records Manager and the Senior Vice President for
Information Management Services for Kaizen, said, “We’ve heard from our clients an overwhelming desire for
simple-to-use guidelines in managing their paper and electronic records, and we have responded. We continue to develop tools that allow our customers to simplify record keeping and streamline their ongoing business processes.”

About Kaizen InfoSource

Kaizen InfoSource is the premier records and information management and information technology consultancy in northern California, with headquarters in Palo Alto, and offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Kaizen’s team of consultants has over 100 years of experience in providing strategic, practical approaches to designing business process solutions, utilizing technology and developing information governance which provides a measurable return-on-investment for tis clients. Kaizen has extensive experience with working with both the private sector and government organizations.

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