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Risk vs. Reward: Service in the Cloud

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Information Management’s 95% Rule for ECM

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A Checklist for Disaster Recovery – Are You Prepared?

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$peed Bump$, Petabyte$, and a Bountiful Harve$t

“Align your service with the company’s strategic direction,” the mantra of the annual the budget process. What does it really mean? For Records and Information Management professionals, and their “silent partners” in Information Technology, it is the justification for continued existence in the next budget year. It is also your directive to find ways to… More

RIM Consolidation and Integration

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Infrastructure, Virtualization & Data Center Design

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CIO, COO, CMO, CSO, CLO … CxO — Do titles really matter anymore?



Yes. Yes. And if there is any doubt to my position, Yes. Titles are more relevant and important than ever before. The management of business Information crosses business units and administrative units. It can be the turf on which internal wars are fought to control information. You would expect the “C” who “owns the information”… More

Virtualized Smartphones



Personal and Business Data Co-Existing on One Smartphone, with Reduced Risk The concept of having voicemail messages appear in your email inbox isn’t new. In the ‘90’s Novell introduced the “unified inbox” as a single point of collection for diverse sources of data. Records and Information Management professionals have had to address the retention and… More

A Fox in the Hen House

You have approval and funding to implement a document management system. To help vet your selection you post the following question on a professional social media website. “Is it better for a company to have a cloud based or local network based document management system?” You receive many replies. Most are emphatic and absolute. There… More

DM, RM, and ECM – What’s the Difference?



When searching for technology solutions to fit your needs, it helps to answer a few questions before beginning the search. Do I want to manage paper and electronic information? Is email used in my organization to document official communications? Do I want to track versions of all documents or just some? Answering these simple questions… More