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Connecting the Bits!



Connecting the bits or bytes with standards! It is amazing to me that technology systems, applications, hardware – the tools – have had standards for years. But until the last year and a half, the management of the data created by these applications or stored on these tools did not have standards that lay out… More

Raiders of the Lost Artifact!



No this is not a science fiction story or an adventure story. It is a blog about the lost artifact of a dictionary or glossary for data sets, data inventories or system information. This lost artifact, while lost, is the reason for confusion and frustration in designing electronic information solutions. We are not using the… More

Managing Half the Picture



I know some of you will be shocked to learn that paper has not gone away as was predicted over 10 years ago. Even the volume of paper has not decreased, but rather electronic information has increased alongside the paper due to the ease and speed in which we create information has improved. Very few… More