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A Checklist for Disaster Recovery – Are You Prepared?

Do you have a formal Disaster Recovery Plan?

If yes:

  • Who is responsible for its implementation and maintenance?
  • How often is it tested, and how often is it updated?
  • Is it adequately documented?
  • Are persons dedicated to specific plan responsibilities, with provision for a designated backup?

If no:

  • Elicit the support of top management to institute a Disaster Recovery Plan. The plan should cover all company operations and must have full senior management endorsement and participation to succeed.
  • What will your company do if your entire facility or any portion of your facility is unavailable due to circumstances beyond your control?
  • What will your company do if your services or any component of your services are unavailable due to circumstances beyond your control?
  • How will you continue to support your existing clients and generate more sales?
  • How many days of revenue are in your accounts receivable?
  • How will you collect your accounts receivable to maintain cash flow?

Engage a Business Risk Assessment to:

  • Objectively quantify how long your company can survive if a disaster were to occur at varied levels of severity.
  • Objectively identify how long can you be without facilities and services at varied levels of severity.
  • Objectively identify facilities and services which must be restored and in what priority
  • Objectively identify which facilities and services for deferral and how long
  • Objectively determine how much information you can afford to lose permanently, or be without for a specified amount of time.

Communication Plans– internal and external

  • What communication plans are place to notify everyone in your company in the event of a disaster?
  • Do you have alternate email addresses, home phone numbers, and cell phone numbers for everyone in your company, organized in one location, and maintained regularly? Is this responsibility dedicated to someone, with a designated backup?
  • Do you have an organized structure to implement communications for internal notification? Are primary and backup persons assigned this responsibility?
  • Do you have a list of governmental agencies and key vendors to contact in the event of a disaster or emergency, e.g. police, fire, rescue, utilities? Are primary and backup persons assigned this responsibility?
  • Do you have contingency plans for alternate locations for staff to report and function to resume operations in the event your facilities are unreachable?

If you answer yes to any of these items:

  • How often is it tested?

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