Kaizen Infosource LLC

ECM and Data Migration Implementation

The Challenge

A major automotive manufacturer was tasked with implementing an information governance program that protected the security of each parent’s proprietary designs and business processes while ensuring those who needed to collaborate on joint venture projects had the access needed.

The Solution

Kaizen consultants consolidated retention schedules from each parent into one master schedule and then narrowed a list of over 2,000 record series into 98 common categories of records. Once the common retention category list was compiled, our consultants worked with the client to create a file plan common enough for all departments within the organization to understand and access pertinent information. This new structure acted as the site structure for the company’s Microsoft SharePoint® installation. A data mapping was then conducted to direct employees in migrating documents from unrestricted network shared drives into the secured environment of an enterprise content management application.

The Result

The client was able to map critical business information into secured repositories for auditable access by line-of-business teams, thus increasing information security and reducing litigation and trade-secret risk.

About Kaizen InfoSource

Kaizen InfoSource is the premier records and information management and information technology consultancy in northern California, with headquarters in Palo Alto, and offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Sacramento. Kaizen’s team of consultants has over 100 years of experience in providing strategic, practical approaches to designing business process solutions, utilizing technology and developing information governance which provides a measurable return-on-investment for tis clients. Kaizen has extensive experience with working with both the private sector and government organizations.

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