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DM, RM, and ECM – What’s the Difference?



When searching for technology solutions to fit your needs, it helps to answer a few questions before beginning the search. Do I want to manage paper and electronic information? Is email used in my organization to document official communications? Do I want to track versions of all documents or just some? Answering these simple questions… More

Managing Half the Picture



I know some of you will be shocked to learn that paper has not gone away as was predicted over 10 years ago. Even the volume of paper has not decreased, but rather electronic information has increased alongside the paper due to the ease and speed in which we create information has improved. Very few… More

Laws of Information Management

Information management looks many ways to different people, but there are some standards that will always apply, no matter whether you have an ECM system or not. The customer is always right…to their face. The one screaming loudest is always the one who had the information to begin with. Just let them blow off their… More